Smadar Emor

Body Texts

In this space I will offer thoughts, ideas, insights, reflections, and words that come from somewhere in the space of consciousness  and form into droplets and vibrating globules that hold frequency. It is a free space wherein the stream of consciousness receives aromas and flavors and will be free to shake, quake, disassemble and reassemble, This is a space of sketches, lacking any commitment to organization or order, a space where chaotic conduct can potentially bring about its own creative reorganization.

In this space, I will share experiences of encounters with students, clients, and whoever else shows up; how I grow, learn, and deepen my understanding of myself, of mankind, of dialogue, and of the spiritual laws of the universe.

You are invited to be a partner, reader, resonator, feedback-provider and participant in this creation.

This will also  be the space in which I share sketches and drafts for my book. It may be years before I  publish it. I feel it is a good way to share with you, the readers, the process as it happens.

smadar emor with bodytext