The International Program

by Smadar Emor (Israel) & Rena Milgrom (Czech Republic)

BODYVOICE is a developmental, therapeutic and artistic method, which deals with the archaic wisdom of body and voice. This is a somatic practice that integrates voice and movement in a unique way through mindfulness, ritual, spontaneous composition and bodywork. The process nurtures a new awareness that draws together the bodymind and emotions into full creativity and aliveness. We invite therapists, artists and bodywork practitioners to join this journey.

BODYVOICE Method offers skills for creative personal development, for artistic development and for the training of teachers and assistants in this method. The work draws from, and is inspired by: Shamanic teachings of Maud Robar , Jerzy Grotowski, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, Continuum Movement, Body Mind Centering, Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, . Above all, the work is informed by many years of personal study, research, and curiosity about personal development through body wisdom.

bodyvoice program


BodyVoice is a process of bringing to life the primal organic connection between breathing, movement and voice. This renews our native resources and opens the organism to the flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity. It aids the recovery of our  organic connection and communication between body, mind, emotions and soul. Voice and movement are the primary language of our inner life, reconnecting us with our personal and collective unconscious memories and roots. Our vitality, health and joy emerge when reconnecting to these deep resources and roots. During this process, we go through an “evolution”, a re-development that recovers our connection with different conscious levels and modes of expression, once accessible to us during the pre-verbal period as children. This development brings us back to our body and into  connection with our authentic self and to the body’s wisdom natural capacity for healing. The process creates changes in the body-mind patterns as well in our relationship to ourselves and  others. It supports our capacity to cope with the world from a place of creativity and mindful presence.

While returning to our body’s natural rhythms, we experience a release of the free voice, carried by the pulsations of our body’s musicality. Through the release of the voice, we open to the colorful musical language of our inner life, expressed by improvised dancing and singing. We bring forth a variety of voices within us, a host of inner characters. The freed voice carries the potential to open emotional passages blocked by experiences of trauma. We access archaic body memories, and contact fully the world of vocal and visual images by entering the world of body rhythm, sounds and melodies of the present moment.

Foundation of the method: breathing, grounding, motion wave, pulsation, body presence, dialogue, resonance, reflection.

Voice elements: volume, tone, texture, timbre, color, areas of resonance in the body, pitch, flow, energy, dynamics.

Development of a vocal- movement language


Healing circles

Inner characters and Archetypes

Image language

Movement rom flow to structure

Working with song and text

Circle improvisation

Spontaneous composition

Authentic Movement –Authentic Voice



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BODYVOICE Intentions

It is the intention of BodyVoice to promote:

  • Vitality, spontaneity, creativity, flow, flexibility, ability to improvise.
  • Bodily presence.
  • Deepened  abilities for intimate and alive communication: with oneself and the others.
  • Practice of support and empathy as  a source of harmonic growth.
  • Development of a living, breathing core.
  • Practice of mental and physical relaxation in order to develop physical, emotional and spiritual intuition.
  • Access to the body’s natural musicality.
  • Deepened capacity for listening to internal rhythms, inner voices and impulses.
  • Deepened and enhanced capacity for dialogue and regulation of internal rhythms (self) and external rhythms (the world)..
  • Expansion of the possibility for emotional expression.
  • Harmonic development /coordination and attention- distribution between four centers:  mental, emotional, physical & instinctive.
  • Balance of active and passive. balance between non-doing and doing, between the emergence of impulse and
  • Expansion of inner space for silence and for the emergence of precise action from a space of silence.
  • Exercise of the ability to contain contradictions and rapid changes.
  • Integration of spontaneity and awareness that allows freedom to choose and to be chosen.
  • Practice of a lively and creative dialogue within the group.
  • Expansion of the ability to express one’s inner truth, without fear and inhibitions.
  • Acquisition of skills for development of artistic expression in movement and voice.

The Mentors

smadar emor סמדר אמור

Smadar Emor


Dancer, choreographer, vocal artist, founder of the method “Voice in Movement Integration-Vocal Biography”, manager of Synapsa center for multi-disciplinary voice- movement research in Israel.

Throughout my life I have studied various methods relating to somatic movement, dance and voice. I take my inspiration from my teacher Maud Robar (Haiti), Jerzy Grotowski, Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Voice-Movement Therapy and Hakomi Psychotherapy, but mainly I draw from my own personal research and many decades of practice. For more than 20 years I have been leading my program Voice in Movement Integration in Israel, guest-teaching in various Art Universities, coaching actors, dancers and running my private clinic.

Rena Milgrom

Czech Republic

Dancer, dance/movement therapist, registered Somatic Movement Educator, Laban Movement Analyst. founder of DanceLab studio Praha, creator of “Conscious Body” somatic program.

After 15 years of performing, teaching and researching Central Asian dance and rituals, my work is currently focused on teaching , group facilitating, authentic dance/visual work and providing individual expressive therapy. I love to create a space where art and healing meet, where we laugh and cry, dance, touch and where we observe our present moment while moving. My aim is to bring the studio work into daily life, and to support our (collective) intimate relationship with the Self, through which we can build a better community”