Smadar Emor


synapsa dance group

The Poetic of the Broken Heart

Solo work (50 min), together with the Chiliast Rali Margalit.
Performed at the festival Intima –Dance  in Tamuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, and at the “Between Heaven and Earth” festival, Garar Bachar Theatre in Jerusalem.

Secret of Unification

Choreographed by Smadar Emor for the Synapse Ensemble, performed at the Laboratory and Gerar Bachar Theaters in Jerusalem and the Suzan Dalal Theater, Tel Aviv.

Until the Angel Came

Choreography: Smadar Emor.
Excerpt of a 55 minute solo, performed at Habama Theatre in Jerusalem and at Suzan Dalal Center for Dancem Tel Aviv.

Synapse Dance Group

The Synapse Dance Group was founded in 1988 by Smadar Emor, Bonnie Pia and Rama Ben Zvi. The group’s first piece, “From Afar” was created in the framework of the Israel Festival and won  first prize in site-specific work competition. Israeli television made a film of this work, which was considered a breakthrough. The group continued to perform for six years, with the main creators and dancers Smadar Emor and Bonnie Pia. Later, dancers Yael Venice and Daphne Hillsberg joined. The dance works were rigorously created according to Eshkol-Wachman movement notation , studied by the two during their studies at the Rubin Dance Academy in Jerusalem. The group’s works were exceptional at the time and received rave reviews. In 1993, the group disbanded and Smadar Emor continued her artistic journey, creating vocal dance works for groups and solo performance works for herself.

Below works created with Synapse Dance Group:

The Journey of the Heavy Birds

Choreography: Smadar Emor.

Twilight Zone

Choreography: Smadar Emor, Bonnie Pia.

Childish Tango

Choreography: Smadar Emor, Bonnie Pia.
Performed in Suzan Dalal Theatre, 1990.


Choreography: Smadar Emor, Bonnie Pia.

From Afar

Israel Festival. A site-specific work.
Choreography: Smadar Emor, Bony Pia, Rama Ben Zvi.
The movie was created by Israeli television.  The work won first prize in the site-specific competition of the Israel Festival.