Voice in Movement Integration

By Smadar Emor

Voice in Movement Integration is a practice in which we move through a process of reconstructing the organic connection that links breath, movement and voice. This renewed basic connection releases a flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity. In this, it recovers the organic connection between body, mind, emotions and soul.

Voice and movement are the main language of our inner life, reconnecting us to our unconscious roots as well as our collective sources. Our vitality, health and joy emerge when connecting to these deep roots. During this process, we go through an “evolution”, a re-development that recovers our connection with different conscious levels and modes of expression, accessible to us during the pre-linguistic period as children. This development brings us back to our body – a connection to our authentic self and to the wisdom of natural healing. The process creates changes in the body-mind patterns as well as in our relationship to others and ourselves. It widens our capacity for coping with the world from a place of creativity and mindful-presence.

While returning to our body’s natural rhythms, we experience a release of the free voice, carried by the pulsations of our body’s musicality. Through the release of the voice, we open up to a colorful musical language of our inner life, expressed by improvised dancing and singing. We bring forth a variety of voices within us, a variety of inner characters. The freed voice brings up the possibility to open blocked emotionally traumatic experiences to a new flow of life. We access archaic body memories, and contact fully the world of vocal and visual images by entering the world of body rhythm, sounds and melodies of the present moment.







Inner freedom









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Intentions of the Practice

♦ Get to know ourselves more deeply: our patterns, shadows, stories, attachments. Our needs, our desires, our vision.

♦ Gain access to the ancient wisdom of our body. listening to the voice of our deep inner guidance.

♦ Reconnect to our organic natural resources and to all organic life of the planet.

♦ Heal our personal and collective traumas.

♦ Be in touch with our shadows and integrate them to the self.

♦ Have access to more of our potential life force and creativity.

♦ Be able to express our voice in the world.

♦ Be fully present from moment to moment.

♦ Open more space in ourselves for the ability to host contradiction, feeling, and complexity.

♦ Enhance our flexibility and ability to adjust to quick changes.

♦ Unlock our abilities.

♦ Open to the organic wisdom.

♦ Trust the processes = trust the unknown.

♦ Reconnect to our intuition and learn to trust it.

♦ Reconnect to our creativity, our inherent musicality. To approach our lives and our way of relating in a creative way.

♦ Find precision in our actions in the world.

♦ Increase our awareness and our consciousness.

♦ Develop our individuality while feeling our belonging to the collective/family/ tribe.

♦ Understand the body-mind language.

♦ Recognize what is our personality and what is our essence, our core self.



Widening the range: going lower and higher




Singing voice, talking voice, sounding voice


Finding different resonant chambers



Sounding and space

Vocal images

Frequencies of different consonants and vowels

The Voice Language

Our voice is the mirror of our history, of our present moment, of our soul. Our voice has a great intelligence and the ability to transform energies very quickly and therefore to heal very deeply. The voice is a creative entity, which can express directly our feelings, our sensations, and reach our inner world. The singing voice expresses the experience of our body-soul’s musicality through melodies and rhythms that flow through the body. This is our primal language. This is the universal language. By opening our singing, intelligent voice we open ourselves and become a part of the universal language which is music.

When we widen the range of our voices, we find new qualities and colors, When we use different dynamics, different pitches, we open in ourselves vaster spaces and discover therein more aspects of our personality.  We give voice to the many different parts, characters and inner images that inhabit our inner world. By doing so, we get to know our deeper layers, to hear our hidden unknown inner world. In this method, we are freeing our voices through an organic process. Our voice’s expression becomes more fluent and free as the body opens and relaxes, reconnecting the body, movement and voice. The voice receives a body and the body receives a voice. When we free ourselves from the mental constraints of criticism and ideas about how the voice and singing should sound, our spirit, expressing itself through the voice, is liberated. To free the voice means inner freedom.

Exploring Free Impulses in the Studio

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The musical body.
Ritual – Therapy – Performance


Voice in movement integration for Facilitators of creative & healing processes


The Pulsation Principle

When practicing the Voice in Motion Integration, we use simple movement structures as a gateway to experiential space. We practice meditation based on cyclical locomotive structures expressing the Pulsation Principle.

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