Voice in Movement Integration- Healing the Source of Life


This is an integrative method dealing with a person’s creativity and harmonic development through reconstruction of the organic connection that links breathing, movement and voice.  This renews the basic pre-verbal connection, which is the source of life energy. it enables the release and flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity. the work renews the natural pulsation, musicality and rhythms of the organs and by that through our voice and movement, the capacity for full inner expression, transformation and heeling.

We aim to re-integrate the many parts of our personalities as well as our relationship with the environment, with other people in our life, and with the universe as we are part of it.

The training in this method is built in stages: from the physical level: being present in the body, which enables receptivity and enables a sense of grounding at the emotional and spiritual levels.

Below i will describe basic terms used in the method:

Motion Wave

Wave motion is created by interaction with the ground. A wave is neither a position nor a structure, nor is it any other inanimate thing. A wave has a living space where it flows back and forth, with the entire body participating in it with varying coordination. This coordination clears the way for its continued flow and renewal. We learn to draw from the ground the force that propels the wave, with our feet anchored on solid ground. Just a hint of a push against the ground is enough for the earth to respond with opposing pressure that will raise the body upwards again with a continuous wave flowing from head to toe without stopping. This is the same dynamic as that of efficiently coordinated organic walking, body weight distributed simply from joint to joint, through every muscle and bone, until it reaches the stepping foot, and from there to the ground, which in response creates the line of spontaneous erectness. The two-way flow between body weight and the reactive force from the ground. renews the body’s organic musicality, and with it all life forces. The renewal of the connection with the motion wave serves as a basis for the release of the authentic, natural sound borne on the motility of the wave. The entire body is turned into a musical instrument in which natural rhythms receive vocal-kinetic expression.

Developmental Movement – Evolution

Routines of developmental movement, from a fetal state to standing upright on one’s feet, enable renewed learning and liberation from fixed patterns that are formed during the early stages of childhood. The phases of evolution enable change at all levels: physical, emotional, and mental. They also pass through early memories of vocal and language development, and allow for change and expansion (following the principles of BMC). Training in developmental movement also rebuilds the connection with the movement wave (see previous paragraph).

Movement of the Fluid System

During this process, we release more and more sounds and types of voices at different frequencies. The vocal vibrations penetrate with  delicate yet forceful motion into the body’s tissues, and reactivate the natural vibration and flowing movement of the body’s fluid systems. This movement enables:

1. Grounding through the entire body (preventing problems with the back, joints, pains, etc.
2. Communication between all the body’s organs through the fluid systems.
3. Blocked and obstructed emotional energies can be released through vocal -movement expression.
4. The voice returns to its natural intelligence as a balancing and healing factor that functions on the physical, spiritual, mental, and energetic planes.

Emotional Expression

The muscle system is also called “the frozen armor” (Wilhelm Reich), because traumatic memories become frozen, with no chance of release. As a result of the release of the movement wave, and the movement of the fluid system, the muscular system softens, and movement is roused from the frozen energy. This movement rises and floods in from the subconscious to the conscious, with deep content of memories, experiences, traumas, impulses, tensions, and inner rhythms that receive expression through the body’s natural musicality, in the form of acoustic images, diverse vocality, movement, and song. As the musical range of personal expression expands through motile vocality, the person’s connection with the entirety of his parts is renewed, starting from the physical level, and ending with the personal-emotional and spiritual levels. This returns free expression to the all parts of human personality and existence.

Catharsis and Creativity

An integral part of the process is the shifting between alternating states of mind. The practice moves between different levels of catharsis while calling us to be awake, alert and conscious- able to choose, and to be chosen by a higher creative intelligence. In a state of trance or catharsis, we open our creative abilities; we can then channel the universe’s creative powers.

Additional work content from Voice in Movement Integration:

By engaging the annular muscular system of action and inaction, a space is opened for the occurrence of change, listening, reflection and awareness, support. Resonance, transparency and accompaniment follow naturally. The Voice-movement work provides a framework of internal-external dialogue and partnering, It encourages the group to act as an organic body and support system, combining personal and collective rhythm. A sense of dimensionality is brought to the experience.

Important Note: During the exercises, we learn and draw from many concepts from the worlds of both music and movement.

Effects of the Voice in Movement Method on the Physica Plane

Relief from tensions, stress, and pain. Freeing of extra energies through release of frozen emotions like anger, pain, sadness, and depression. Improvement of posture and daily functioning as a result of the softening of the muscular system and reorganization of the skeleton. Change and renewal of the organic system through use of vocal frequencies that affect the body’s fluid system, and through it the connecting tissue. Improvement of oxygen flow through deeper breathing as a result of liberation from traumatic breathing patterns, As a result, the release of the natural voice and a return to its organic intelligence is a tool for natural balance and healing. Improved balance of the body’s natural day-to-day motility.

Effects of the Voice in Movement Method on the Psychological Plane

Supports authenticity, spontaneity, and creativity. Supports the expansion of internal communication by expressing emotions, needs, desires, and urges. Resultant improvement of interpersonal communication as well as the ability to connect inner and outer, intensification of personal presence, and expanded flexibility and capacity to deal with change and the unexpected.

Effects of the Voice in Movement Method on the Spiritual Plane

Development of intuition, expanded awareness through listening to the body’s language, a slowing of the brain’s electrical activity through the use of vocal frequencies, and an ability to experience various states of consciousness. Reinforcement of the feeling of responsibility for personal, social, and ecological existence. Connection to vital sources and high energies that enable continual healing and a light, flowing daily functioning.

Effects of the Voice in Movement Method on the Artistic Plane

A broadening of the voice’s musical range, the voice as an driver of movement, and movement as a driver of musical structure and resonances in the body. Release of an authentic natural voice, the intensification of personal artistic presence, development of vocality as a rich language that expresses an infinite subtlety and soul-whispering that cannot be enjoined through spoken language. Connection to work involving the use of texts – pronunciation, tone, impulse, connection to the moving body to the word as a physical musical score.

Smadar Emor 2019

Smadar Emor

Smadar Emor

Dancer, choreographer, vocal artist, a writer and voice-movement therapist.

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