Smadar Emor


Synapsa Center

Smadar Emor established the Synapsa Center in 2004. The center is dedicated to the study and research of voice and movement and is a haven for personal research and development, in support of artistic creativity. The center serves as a school for the practice of Voice in Movement Integration.  Smadar Emor researched and developed her practice over a period of 25 years. The curriculum includes  long and short-term programs in Voice Training, Movement Arts, Mentoring, and Catalyzation  of creative change and growth processes. In the curriculum, artists, psychotherapists, physiotherapy teachers, somatic therapists and people interested in self-inquiry and personal development learn through the diverse tools developed over the years in practice.

voice movement workshop


Long-term study programs of the practice Voice in Movement Integration and BodyVoice.

Currently, three long-term (2-3 years) programs are operating; two take place in Israel and the third is an international program held in  Czech Republic. The different programs have different emphases: some are more directed to therapeutic processes while others are oriented more toward creative and artistic processes, All programs focus on the intersection and connection between inner-empowerment and transformative processes and authentic creativity  drawn from the core wisdom of body and voice.

Program themes

  • Foundation of the method: breathing, grounding, motion wave, pulsation, body presence, dialogue, resonance, reflection.
  • Voice elements: volume, tone, texture, color, timbre, zones of bodily resonance, pitch, flow, energy, dynamics.
  • Development of the vocal- movement language
  • Rituals
  • Healing circles
  • Inner characters and Archetypes
  • Language of images
  • Musical structures for improvisation
  • Movement rom flow to structure
  • Working with song and text
  • Spontaneous composition
  • Improvisation in circles
  • Authentic Movement –Authentic Voice
bodyvoice program

Israel Programs

Voice in Movement Integration

Europe Program

BODYVOICE - In collaboration with DanceLab in Prague, Czech Republic


Short Workshops. “Voice in movement integration”.
Research for movers, singers, vocal artist and therapists.

In the workshop, we open our body to his natural impulses and rhythms and to the natural musicality flow. Those will expressed through the riche vocal language of our inner self. We will make vocal-musicality portraits, using the vocal-dance as the way to draw inner images and somatic memories of our biography. We will expand our voice possibilities and, richness by research for the deep connections with the body. We will make little improvised solo compositions as well as duets, trios and group. We will use same ancient songs to deepen the understanding of resonances and body musicality knowledge.

By open the body to our organic musicality, we reach and explore deep layers of archaic personal and collective memories, organized in the body as form of language of vocal-movement and visual images.  Those will inspire and enrich the creative process.

The routes of the practice ‘Voice in Movement integration’ Method are deeply connected to Jerzy Grotowski and Mode Robaret work about the deepest layer of the mythic human soul  and Personal and collective  transformative Rituals.  It’s also resonate with somatic approach to body work such as Faldankraize method, Alexander technique, body-mind centering. The practice also embodied different Shamanic approach as well as meditative practice. All those layers and inspirations creates a Multidisciplinary and Multilayers path of practicing.


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

The time comes when inner journeys need to breathe a fresh air in new spaces, roaming the unknown. Discover new inner landscapes while wandering in outdoor landscapes.
Nourishing and inspiring with sounds, smells, colors. New cultures that echo in ourselves on forgotten strings. Creating new pulsation of life music.